Things To Know Before Buying A Daybed

Light colored daybed

A daybed is a true example of functional furniture. It serves as a sofa, a bed, and includes an extra trundle bed or storage drawer for maximum functionality. For these reasons, many homeowners consider them as a practical space filler for their spare rooms. As these beds are made available in a wide range of materials, styles, configurations, and prices, it's always a good idea to take a good look at their different aspects and features before shopping for one.




Daybeds are often used in a home office or in a spare room. While these serve as chaise loungers or sofas, these beds are also used for accommodating guests. If there is no separate guest room, it can make the home office or another room double up as one. These are also usually seen as sleeping beds for children, as the trundle can be pulled out conveniently from under it. The hidden bed underneath helps open up more space for playtime.




The materials used are usually metal, wood, or a combination of both. There are also those which are made from wicker and are leather-upholstered, but not as common as metal and wood. The materials that you select should be based on your personal needs and preferences. The wooden beds are made to appear like sofas and for lounging while the metal ones are mostly used for sleeping. The metal-based beds are also known to be more modern-looking, while the wooden varieties are known for its traditional appeal.




The style of daybed that you choose should compliment your home. This can be done by simply finding a design which matches your sense of style and taste. These beds are also available in sleigh, Victorian, and Mission design, if that's your taste. They are widely available in both traditional and modern styles.


You may find models which have sleek and simple designs, but you may also see the bigger, and more elaborate furniture. Color is also another factor when it comes to style. Dark, light, and painted wood are the most common choices, but it comes in metal color schemes too, such as brass, chrome, and silver.




Due to the immense popularity of these functional beds, there's now a wide range of models to choose from. Just like the other furniture in your home, it is best to buy something with the highest quality that you can afford. This may mean that you will have to manually assemble the furniture, but don't forget to carefully examine the material's quality and take a good look at its finish. The material used will also provide you with some helpful clues. For example, the ones made from iron are better in terms of quality than many other metal materials. The quality of the different wood materials also bears a critical difference and may be reflected by its price points. But in the long run, it pays to have a daybed that is more expensive, but will last longer.


Any apartment, dorm room, or loft can be completed with these functional furniture. Just throw some pillows to the back to have a cozy seating area for entertaining friends and family during the day and pull the trundle out at bedtime for a good night's sleep.