How To Select The Best Dining Table For Your Home

Modern dining table

A welcoming dining room is a dream for all home owners so that they can celebrate their special occasions and holidays in a grand way. Today, a number of dining tables are available in the market with different sizes and shapes. While selecting a table for your dining room, your top priority may be the look of the table. However, you must also give equal importance on its size and space of the dining room.


Tips to Choose the Right Dining Table

You may think that selection of a dining table is a tedious task because of more choices in the market. However, you can make it fun if you follow a few suggestions.

Size of your Dining Room

Before purchasing a dining table, you must measure the size of your dining room very carefully. The table you have purchased must well fit in your dining space. Many people purchase a table that they love most. But when they get it at their home, they will realize that the table is too large for the space. You can avoid these types of frustrating issues if you measure the space of your dining room very carefully.

You must also ensure to provide adequate space in the dining room for pulling the chair back and for walking. If there is no space for relaxation after putting the table in your dining room, your family members or guests need to squeeze through tight spaces. When you take the measurement of the room, you must ensure to leave 30-36 inches around the perimeter of your dining table.

Size of the Dining Table

The next important thing is the size of the table. Nobody throws big dinner parties everyday. Whatever may be the size of the table, it must be comfortable for all the diners. If your dining room is smaller, you can purchase a square table. However, it must be proportionate to the measurement of your room. You can comfortably accommodate 2-4 people in a square table. This is also ideal for saving space. However, this table is not suitable for accommodating a large group for occasional dinner parties.

If your dining needs are very large, consider to buy a rectangular table. It is perfect for accommodating more people than square table. 

If you want to encourage conversation in your dining room, a round table is perfect for you. Everyone can see each other perfectly in a round table. So there is no need to crane your neck or move backward or forward to see others. Though the round tables are perfect for dinner conversation, they are not space efficient.

When you select a dining table, you must also consider the finishing of the table. Tables are also available in acrylic, veneer, wood, glass table tops, etc. It is also important to consider the color and durability of the table while you select one for your dining room. You can very easily maintain and clean the table if it is glass top.

Now, you have a clear idea regarding the size, style and finish of your dining table. You can now decide the amount you are going to spend for purchasing a table. It should be both budget-friendly and beautiful.