The Different Types Of Beds In The Market


Beds come in many different styles and designs. They are also constructed using a wide variety of materials. When it comes to shopping for a bed, it can be overwhelming and quite confusing as you are faced with dozens of different models that provide varying degrees of comfort and support. In the end, your choice will depend much on your specific needs, and the amount of money you are willing to spend. The following is a simple guide on the different styles of beds you can find in the market.


Sleigh bed


A sleigh bed features a large headboard and a smaller footboard both of which are curved in such a way that the tops rolls outward. This style is mostly constructed using hardwoods, and can include rich finishes, ornate inlays and flourishes. It can be a very beautiful and elegant addition to your bedroom.


Platform bed


This bed style is designed for smaller rooms. It comes with a raised, firm surface to support the mattress, and a storage space in the form of pull-out drawers that are located under the mattress.


Panel bed


This classic bed style features a headboard and a foot board both of which are full panels that are often made of leather, wood or upholstery. They can be a great addition to a modern home due to their timeless look.


Slat bed


Slat beds come with slatted headboards and footboards. The traditional slat bed models are mostly made from wood. Contemporary styles may include other materials, including metal and leather. They make a versatile choice since they can fit into a wide variety of decorating styles.


Four Poster bed or Canopy bed


A four poster bed comes with posts that feature different levels of detailing on each end of its head and foot boards. These posts also support a canopy with additional support from rails that span from one post to the other. It is usually made of metal or wood. In addition, you can choose a high post bed or go for the low post option. Whichever you pick, it will add significant old world glamour to your large bedroom.


Captain's bed


Captain's bed is simply a platform bed whose mattress rests directly on the bed's structure since it has no box spring. It is also higher than the normal platform bed, and may include two rows of pull-out drawers under the mattress base and a desk for storage purposes. This makes them a great option for saving space, especially in children's rooms.


Trundle bed


Trundle bed is a bed, which is designed in such a way that it can store another bed underneath its main structure. The bed can be drawer-style, or may be made of metal. When the drawer-style is pulled out, it remains at a lower level than the other part of the bed. The metal trundle pulls out to the same height as the other bed, effectively becoming a king-size bed.




A daybed looks like a coach, but is has a real mattress. It can be used both as a coach and a bed. It also has a room underneath its mattress base for additional trundle. This bed can be a great option for your guest room or any other room where you need to provide an additional sleeping space.


Beds for children


You can get a bed for your child in all of the above mentioned bed styles. When you are doing your shopping, you should pick the one that your kid won't outgrow anytime soon.