Loft Beds Are A Great Option For Children's Rooms

While most average homes have several bedrooms, when it comes to the children's rooms it seems that the space is much smaller. Loft beds can make better use of a small space and allow you to fit more furniture and other items into your child's room without sacrificing function.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but children tend to go through stages where they like to rearrange the furniture in their room. When there is very little space in a room, there are not many places where furniture can be moved to. Having the bed off of the floor can allow a lot of space where items can be moved to or from and can items to be moved in and out from underneath of the bed.


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Loft beds raise the bed up off of the floor and allow all of the area under the bed to be used for other purposes. The height of a loft bed can vary, but most of them are no more than three feet from the floor and should have a small rail for your child's safety. Some great uses of that space under the bed include:

A study area with desk and lamp where your child can do their homework every night and remain organized with their school work and projects;An area where your child can have a computer or laptop that they need for homework purposes;You could add a small sofa and a TV and DVD combination, so that your child can have their own little area where they can view children's programming;An area where you can add a small table where your child can set up some of their favorite toys, such as a train set, race track, doll house, etc. Toys that are set up under a loft bed can be used at any time and do not have to be "packed away" or tidied up every night;A place where dressers can added for all of your child's clothing, freeing up the rest of the bedroom area as play space for your child and making it easy for your child to access their clothes;Room for an extra bed - if two of your children need to share a space or if your child enjoys having friends over for sleep overs.

Children look forward to going to bed each night when they sleep in loft beds. It is like they have their own private adventure every night, climbing up the ladder into their bed. As a parent, you probably won't have to fight for your child to go to bed any longer. Children are also less fearful when they sleep in loft beds because they can see under the bed, where those unknown "monsters" may lurk.

Loft beds are a really fun way to get children to enjoy their rooms more and spend more time in their room playing. For people with smaller homes and not enough bedrooms for their children, using a loft bed set up is a really low cost way to create more space for the smaller members of your family.